A Tradition of Legal Service for Four Generations

The Law Offices of James F. Cote represent four generations of attorneys who have provided legal services to their clients for almost 100 years. 

The legacy began with Jim's maternal grandfather, Frank M. Franciscovich, who, in 1924, opened his law office in Astoria, Oregon, and went on to serve as President of the Oregon State Senate.  

Jim’s father, Elmer L. Cote, had a long career as a military and commercial pilot and, after retiring in 1980, became a California attorney primarily representing airline pilots in FAA licensing proceedings.  

Jim has practiced law in Santa Barbara since 1979, and opened his own office in 1999.  

In 2004, Rosaleen Wynne joined the office, working first as a legal assistant and office manager, then as a paralegal and, starting in 2012, as an associate attorney.

In 2007, Jim’s sister, Christine Cote Gress, by then a retired estate planning attorney with a Master of Laws in Taxation and a retired certified public accountant, began serving as a consultant and the office manager.  

In 2014, Jim’s son, Connor C. Cote, moved back to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles and joined the office as an associate attorney.  

We look forward to serving you and your family for generations to come.